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DPCC Report: Schumer, Stabenow, Wyden, Sanders & Whitehouse Unveil Report On Republican Budget Proposals Benefiting The Wealthy While Hurting American Families

Democratic Senators Slam MAGA GOP Plan That Benefits The Ultra-Wealthy And Well-Connected At the Cost Of American Families

Latest GOP Budget Proposal Would Push Millions Off Social Security, Raise Retirement Age To 70, Gut Seniors’ Benefits, Decimate Medicaid, And Steal Food From Hungry Children  

Democrats Continue To Fight For The Working And Middle Class While Republicans Cozy Up To Big Corporations


Today, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC) Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR), HELP Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and Senate Budget Committee Chair Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) led Senate Democrats in issuing a new report slamming the MAGA House Republicans’ plan to destroy the savings and rip away the benefits of hard-working American families, seniors, and veterans. Republicans continue to masquerade as working class advocates, but their proposals benefit the tax-cheats, the wealthy, and the well-connected. It’s a distinct contrast to the last two years where Democrats and President Biden have reduced the federal deficit by investing in economic opportunity for the middle class and asking the wealthiest and corporations to pay their fair share in taxes.

“When Republicans show you who they are – believe them. The MAGA GOP has proven they do not care about seniors or veterans or making sure Americans keep their hard-earned benefits,” said Leader Schumer. “Republicans have gone to great lengths to pretend they support working families but they continue to release proposals that would help only the very wealthiest among us at the expense of everyday folks. It’s Democrats who are fighting tooth and nail to protect Social Security and Medicare benefits. And the past two years have shown when Democrats fight, we win.”

“Republicans are working for the wealthy, the well-connected, and big corporations. They’re not working for you, your family, or your community. They’re vowing to balance the budget in 10 years and they’re going to do it on the backs of seniors, people with disabilities, veterans and low-income families,” said Senator Stabenow. “In the last two years under President Biden and Democratic Majorities in Congress, we have responsibly cut the federal deficit by over $1.7 trillion. Not by hurting Americans but by investing in economic opportunity for all Americans and asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes. The bottom line is, Democrats are putting people first. The Republicans continue to stand with the wealthy and the well-connected.” 

“At the beginning of the year, the House Republicans came right out of the gate to give big tax handouts to the wealthy. What a clear statement about their priorities - that is what they wanted to do out of the gate,” said Senator Ron Wyden.  “What's going to happen if they have their way? Americans saw it in 2017. They'll support an America where Medicaid and the ACA no longer exist as we know it. We ought to be taking care of everyone with these vital programs.”

“On issue after issue, the Republicans want to move the country in exactly the wrong direction. At a time of record wealth and income inequality, Congress must stand up to the wealthy and the powerful to build a future that works for all of us,” said Senator Sanders.

“Call everything ‘woke,’ and then try to cut its funding seems to be the strategy for Republicans,” said Senator Whitehouse. “Housing? Woke, chop it in half. Public schools and job training? Woke, slash it. Auditing, tax cheats? Woke, let's not do that. Fighting climate change? Woke, none of that. Healthy food for kids and families? Woke, cut it. Medicaid, health insurance, heating assistance? Cut, cut, cut. From behind this new catchphrase, Republicans want workers and families to line up behind the tax cheaters, behind the polluters, behind the campaign donors, behind the well-connected and the well-off whom they serve. You can say, ‘woke’ for a while, but then people will notice that they no longer have disability benefits, or that they can't afford their prescription drugs, or that huge corporations are paying nothing in taxes. The woke screen is a smoke screen.”

Among other changes, the MAGA House plan would:

  1. Push millions of Americans off of Social Security benefits and raise the retirement age to 70
  2. Privatize Social Security and let Wall Street gamble away seniors’ hard-earned retirement
  3. Make it more difficult for disabled Americans over the age of 50 to receive Social Security benefits and hurt families struggling to care for children with disabilities
  4. Privatize Medicare, which would gut seniors’ benefits, threaten their access to guaranteed services, and force those who are able to remain on Medicare to pay higher premiums
  5. Cut Medicaid by $2.2 trillion and end coverage for tens of millions of Americans – especially people with disabilities, seniors, and families living on lower incomes
  6. Eliminate ACA tax credits, making health care once again unaffordable for many American families
  7. Narrow health care eligibility for veterans and cut VA mandatory funding
  8. Harm millions of low-income families by limiting SNAP benefits, going back to pre-pandemic funding levels