Tools to Succeed in the 21st Century

Jobs for the 21 st Century

Today, approximately 10 million Americans are looking for good-paying, full-time jobs. That's why Democrats have pledged to fight for the far too many American workers who have been left behind and left out. Democrats propose a new tax credit for employers that train and hire workers and employ them at a good wage. We propose expanding apprenticeships to sectors of the economy without already well established apprenticeship programs and making registered apprenticeship programs a national priority, as well as ensuring trade and technical school graduates have guaranteed opportunities when they graduate. For more, click here:   A Better Deal on Jobs


Broadband internet has revolutionized every facet of modern life; without access to a reliable, high speed internet connection, it is impossible to fully participate in the 21st century economy. Far too many Americans lack access to such connections in rural and other underserved areas. Just as Democrats during Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal passed a Rural Electrification Act, bringing electricity to millions of Americans, Senate Democrats now propose to invest $20 billion to expand broadband internet access. This program will not only connect millions of Americans to high speed internet, but will create 260,000 new jobs and help modernize our nation's aging 9-1-1 system as well. Learn more about why Americans deserve a Better Deal on broadband access. Learn more here about why Americans deserve a Better Deal on broadband access.

Net Neutrality 

Democrats believe the future of the internet must be as free and open as its past, so that the startup founder living in her parents' basement can compete with the world's largest corporations; the young student in an underserved school district can find the information he needs online; and every American can continue to affordably and easily take advantage of this vital public good. To read more about Senate Democrats' plan on net neutrality, click here. To read more about our CRA, click here.


Fixing Our Broken Political System

Over 80 percent of our nation say they don't trust those in Washington to do what is right. As we move forward with our bold plan to deliver A Better Deal, with Better Jobs, Better Wages, and a Better Future for all Americans, Democrats will take substantive steps to get rid of the corruption that's led to such a dysfunctional political system in Washington. We will take power back from the special interests and give it to the American people. That's what A Better Deal for Our Democracy does, advancing critical reforms to empower voters at the ballot box, bolster our nation's ethics laws and overhaul our broken campaign finance system. Read more about A Better Deal for Our Democracy here.