Lower the Cost of Living for Families

Prescription Drug Prices

Americans pay more than double what other nations pay for prescription drugs. A Better Deal on drug prices means finally cracking down on companies that excessively raise prices on American customers without justification. Democrats will re-write the rules so the federal government is on the side of American families, not big pharmaceutical corporations, or the hedge funds and other speculative Wall Street firms which have forced major price increases on life-saving drugs. Learn more here: A Better Deal on Drug Prices.


Over the last thirty years, courts and permissive regulators have allowed large companies to get larger, resulting in higher prices and limited consumer choice on everything, from travel, to cable, to food, and beer. This concentrated market power leads to concentrated political power, allowing these companies deploy armies of lobbyists to increase their stranglehold on Washington. The American people deserve a Better Deal that lowers the costs of everyday expenses, putting economic and political power back in their hands and giving them the freedom of choice. Learn more here:  A Better Deal on Competition and Costs.

Paid Family and Sick Leave

Across the United States, working parents often struggle to find the time necessary to actively participate in raising their children; many Americans are also often unable to take time off to care for sick relatives, or even deal with their own medical issues. No American should have to forfeit a paycheck or jeopardize their financial security to raise a child or mend their health. As part of A Better Deal, Democrats propose creating a national system of paid family and sick leave. Guaranteeing Americans this paid time off will keep families healthy—both medically and financially. Learn more here and here.