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A Better Deal higher wages
& better jobs
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Senate Democrats have drafted a Blueprint to Rebuild America's Infrastructure, one that would make a historic $1 trillion federal investment rebuilding our infrastructure and creating millions of jobs. As part of A Better Deal Senate Democrats will work to make this blueprint a reality, repair our crumbling infrastructure efficiently and create 15 million high paying jobs in the process. Learn more here.

Minimum Wage

The Democratic Party established the first minimum wage in 1938. Since then, all Democrats have been steadfast advocates of keeping that minimum wage high enough to live on—and have voted that way time and again. As part of the Better Deal, many Democrats are calling to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, to create a fair tipped wage, and have cosponsored the legislation to make that happen. A full time job should not keep a family of four in poverty; increasing the minimum wage will provide economic security for all working Americans. Learn more here and here.


When put on a level playing field, American workers are the most competitive in the world. America's current trade policies, however, have left the American worker without a seat at the table. Democrats would put workers and small business first, ahead of corporate special interests. This plan would level the playing field for American workers by ensuring our workers aren't competing in a race to the bottom; it would also crack down on foreign countries like China that manipulate trade rules and penalize corporations that outsource American jobs. Learn more here and here.


In the decades after WWII, many hardworking American families delayed immediate financial gain for the promise of a safe and secure retirement guaranteed by a union negotiated multiemployer pension plan. For years these, plans guaranteed working-class families comfort after a lifetime of work. Today, everything has changed. The 2008 financial crash, caused by greedy Wall Street speculators, dealt these retirement plans a devastating blow. The families that relied on them are facing a financial nightmare: deep cuts to the benefits they depend on to survive. Senate Democrats have proposed a plan to save these plans. Learn more about why Americans need a Better Deal on pensions here.

Giving Workers the Freedom to Negotiate

Over the past century, labor unions have fought to stitch into the fabric of our economy a basic sense of fairness for workers. When workers have the freedom to negotiate with their employers, they have safer working conditions, better wages and fairer overtime and leave policies. Strengthening and protecting the freedom to exercise these rights is a fundamental part of the Better Deal. Learn more here.

Patriot Companies & Employers

For too long, the corporate tax code has been stacked in favor of large corporations that outsource jobs overseas to countries like China. The new Republican tax give-away has only made this problem worse. This unfair system makes it difficult for companies committed to growing in the United States to compete. These Patriot Companies deserve a Better Deal from our tax code. Senate Democrats would create a corporate tax credit worth $1,500 for every employee in the United States when companies commit to pay fair wages, provide health insurance and a safe retirement, as well as plan to help veterans and foster a diverse workforce. It is time that Congress encourage growth at home instead of overseas. Learn more about why Americans deserve a Better Deal for patriot companies and employers here.