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Wrap Up for Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Roll Call Votes

1.      Motion to waive the Budget Act with respect to the House Message to accompany H.R.4346; agreed to: 64-33.

2.      Motion to concur in the House Message to accompany H.R.4346 with an amendment (CHIPS+); agreed to: 64-33.

3.   Motion to invoke cloture in the House Message to accompany S.3373 (PACT Act); not invoked: 55-42.


Legislative Business

Passed S.4359 - Senator Johnny Isakson VA Regional Office Act of 2022

Passed H.R.1057 – National World War II Memorial Commemorative Coin Act

Passed H.R.1842 – Harriet Tubman Bicentennial Coin Act

Adopted Calendar #433, S.Res.623, Russia/terrorism

Adopted S.Res.725 Legal Counsel

Adopted S.Res.726 Legal Counsel


At a time to be determined by the Majority Leader, following consultation with the Republican Leader, the Senate will proceed to the consideration of Calendar #399, H.R. 7776 WRDA; the Carper-Capito-Cardin-Cramer substitute #5140 be considered and agreed to; that there be up to 1 hour for debate, equally divided in the usual form; that upon the use or yielding back of time, if a Budget point of order is made and a motion to waive made, the Senate vote on the motion to waive; and if the point of order is waived, the bill, as amended, be considered read a third time and the Senate vote on passage of the bill with 60-affirmative votes required for passage.


Executive Business

The votes on confirmation of the following nominations will occur at times to be determined by the Majority Leader in consultation with the Republican Leader:

1.      Executive Calendar #716, Cathy Ann Harris, of Maryland, to be Chairman of the Merit Systems Protection Board.