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Wrap Up for Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Roll Call Votes

1.      Motion to waive the Budget point of order with respect to H.R.3076 Postal Reform; waived: 68-30.

2.      Passage of H.R.3076 Postal Service Reform Act; passed: 79-19.

3.      Motion to invoke cloture on Executive Calendar #547 Maria L. Pagan, of Puerto Rico, to be a Deputy United States Trade Representative (Geneva Office), with the rank of Ambassador; invoked: 78-19.


Legislative Business

Adopted S.Res.539 – directing the Architect of the Capitol to obtain and place a memorial plaque for United States Capitol Police Officer William F. Evans at the north security kiosk of the Capitol.


Passed Calendar #203, S.66 – South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act.


Passed Calendar #219, S.2299 – CADETS Act.


No Executive Business