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Wrap Up for Thursday, December 2, 2021

Roll Call Votes

1.      Confirmation of Executive Calendar #463 Brian Eddie Nelson, of California, to be Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes; confirmed: 50-49.

2.      Motion to discharge Rachael S. Rollins, of Massachusetts, to be United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts; agreed to: 50-47.

3.      Marshall-Lee amendment #4868 (defund vaccine mandates); not agreed to: 48-50.

4.      Passage of H.R.6119, continuing resolution to 2/18/22 (60-vote threshold); passed: 69-28.


Legislative Business

Completed  the Rule 14 process to place S.3299, to prohibit the Department of Defense from discharging or withholding pay or benefits from members of the National Guard based on COVID–19 vaccination status. (Lankford)


Executive Business

Confirmed by voice vote the following nominations:

1.      Executive Calendar #438, C.B. Sullenberger III, of Texas, for the rank of Ambassador during his tenure of service as Representative of the United States of America on the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

2.      Executive Calendar #543, Larry D. Turner, of North Carolina, to be Inspector General, Department of Labor.

3.      Executive Calendar #544, Sandra D. Bruce, of Delaware, to be Inspector General, Department of Education.