May 26, 2021 11:10 PM

Wrap Up for Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Roll Call Votes

1. Sullivan amendment #1911 not agreed to: 49-51.

2. Durbin amendment #2014; not agreed to: 50-50 [60 vote threshold].

3. Kennedy amendment #1710; not agreed to 51-49 [60 vote threshold].

4. Coons amendment #1588; agreed to: 83-14.

5. Lee amendment #1929; not agreed to: 48-49.

6. Sasse amendment #2023; agreed to: 67-30.


Legislative Business

Agreed to Marshall amendment #1973, as modified, to S.1260 by voice vote.


Passed S.1867, a bill to require the Director of National Intelligence to declassify information relating to the origin of COVID-19, and for other purposes.


Passed the following bills by voice vote, en bloc:

Calendar #21, S.144: Desert Sage Youth Wellness Center Access Improvement Act

Calendar #40, S.325: to amend the Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission on Native Children Act.

Calendar #52, S.559: Grand Ronde


Passed the following bills, en bloc:

Calendar #38, S.108: to authorize the Seminole Tribe of Florida to lease or transfer certain land

Calendar #39, S.314: Klamath Tribe Judgment Fund Repeal Act

Calendar #41, S.548: Alaska Native Tribal health Consortium Land Transfer Act of 2021

Calendar #42, S.549: conveyance of certain property to the Tanana Tribal Council located in Tanana, Alaska

Calendar #43, S.550: Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Land Transfer Act of 2021


Adopted S.Res.190: recognizing 50 years of service by the National Railroad Passenger  Corporation, commonly known as Amtrak.


Adopted S.Res.243: Older Americans Month


Adopted S.Res.244: providing for members on the part of the Senate of the Joint Committee on Printing and the Joint Committee of Congress on the Library.


Adopted S.Res.245: former Senator Gambrell of Georgia


Executive Business


Executive Calendar #136 - to be Rear Admiral (lower half)

Capt. Kristin Acquavella



Executive Calendar #137 - to be Major General

Brig. Gen. Jay M. Bargeron

Brig. Gen. Brian W. Cavanaugh

Brig. Gen. Dimitri Henry

Brig. Gen. Ryan P. Heritage

Brig. Gen. Christopher A. McPhillips

Brig. Gen. Robert B. Sofge, Jr.

Brig. Gen. Matthew G. Trollinger



Executive Calendar #138 - to be Lieutenant General

Maj. Gen. Robert I. Miller



Executive Calendar #139 - to be Lieutenant General

Maj. Gen. Edward D. Banta



Executive Calendar #140 - to be General

Gen. Paul J. LaCamera

Executive Calendar #141 - to be Lieutenant General

Lt. Gen. Randy A. George


And all nominations on the Secretary’s Desk in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force.