October 26, 2020 08:49 PM

Wrap Up for Monday, October 26, 2020

Roll Call Votes

1.     Shall the decision of the Chair stand as the judgement of the Senate (re: compound motion to adjourn is not in order); sustained: 53-46.

2.     Confirmation of Executive Calendar #890, Amy Coney Barrett, of Indiana, to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States; confirmed: 52-48.


No Legislative Business


Executive Business

Confirmed the following:



Executive Calendar #744 – Lt. Gen. Robert F. Hedelund to be Lieutenant General



Executive Calendar #896 – Brig. Gen. Jon S. Safstrom to be Major General



Executive Calendar #897 – Col. Robert B. Davis to be Brigadier General



Executive Calendar #898 – Maj. Gen. Robert J. Skinner to be Lieutenant General



Executive Calendar #899 – Lt. Gen. Mark C. Schwartz to be Lieutenant General

Executive Calendar #900 – the following to be Major General:

Brig. Gen. Matthew V. Baker

Brig. Gen. Vincent B. Barker

Brig. Gen. Bowlman T. Bowles, III

Brig. Gen. Miguel A. Castellanos

Brig. Gen. Miles A. Davis

Brig. Gen. Matthew P. Easley

Brig. Gen. John B. Hashem

Brig. Gen. Joseph J. Heck

Brig. Gen. Susan E. Henderson

Brig. Gen. Jamelle C. Shawley

Brig. Gen. Tracy L. Smith

Brig. Gen. Lawrence F. Thoms

The following to be Brigadier General:

Col. Harvey A. Cutchin

Col. John M. Dreska

Col. Charles A. Gambaro, Jr.

Col. Michael M. Greer

Col. Andrew R. Harewood

Col. Daniel H. Hershkowitz

Col. Stephanie Q. Howard

Col. Maria A. Juarez

Col. Robert T. Krumm

Col. Jocelyn A. Leventhal

Col. Kevin F. Meisler

Col. Andree G. Navarro

Col. Robert S. Powell, Jr.

Col. Jeffrey D. Pugh

Col. David M. Samuelsen

Col. Katherine A. Simonson

Col. Justin M. Swanson

Col. Dean P. Thompson

Col. Jason J. Wallace

Col. Matthew S. Warne

Col. Michael L. Yost



Executive Calendar #901 – Maj. Gen. John E. Shaw to be Lieutenant General

Executive Calendar #902 – Maj. Gen. John E. Shaw to be Major General


And all nominations on the Secretary's Desk in the Air Force, Army, and Navy.