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McConnell files cloture on S.1790, NDAA

The Senate agreed to the motion to proceed to S.1790, National Defense Authorization Act, by a vote of 86-6.


Senator McConnell then offered Inhofe substitute amendment #764, as modified, filed cloture on the amendment, and filled the amendment and motion trees. He then filed cloture on the underlying bill, S.1790. Absent an agreement, the cloture motions will ripen one hour after the Senate convenes on the second legislative day. If cloture is invoked, amendments must be germane and timely filed.


As a result of cloture having been filed, the filing deadline for first-degree amendments is 1:00pm tomorrow, Tuesday. The filing deadline for second-degree amendments is one hour prior to the cloture vote.


Amendments pending to S.1790, NDAA

Inhofe amendment #764, as modified (substitute)

McConnell for Romney amendment #861 (use of funds to defend U.S)

McConnell Amendment #862 to SA #861 (date change)

McConnell Amendment #863 to the language proposed to be stricken (date change)

McConnell Amendment #864 to SA #863 (date change)

McConnell Motion to recommit with amendment #865 (date change)

Amendment #866 to SA#865 (date change)

Amendment #867 to SA #866 (date change)