December 22, 2018 03:24 PM

Wrap Up for Saturday, December 22, 2018

No Roll Call Votes
Legislative Business
Passed by voice vote H.R.6602: to reauthorize the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route.
Passed by voice vote H.R.5636: Flatside Wilderness Enhancement Act.
Concurred in the House amendment to S.3661: 75th Anniversary of World War II.
Passed H.R.7319: leaseback of certain Federal real property.
Passed H.R.7318: to ensure Public Building Reform Board has adequate time to carry out the responsibilities of the Board.
Passed H.R.4689: to authorize early repayment of obligations to the Bureau of Reclamation within the Northport Irrigation District in the State of Nebraska.
Passed H.R.1967: Bureau of Reclamation Pumped Storage Hydropower Development Act.
Passed H.R.4203 with Toomey substitute amendment: to amend title 18, US Code, with regard to stalking.
Passed H.R.7279: Water Infrastructure Improvement Act.
Adopted S.Res.742: Cancer Screen Week.
Adopted S.Res.743: International Association of Fire Fighters.
Adopted S.Res.285: Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook.
Passed H.Con.Res.149: Technical Corrections to H.R.4174, Evidence-Based Policymaking.
Passed S.573: National Criminal Justice Commission Act.
Passed H.R.4969 with Corker substitute amendment: Embassy Security.
Passed H.R.672: Combating European Anti-Semitism.
Executive Business
Confirmed the following nominations:
Executive Calendar #1204 – the following to be Brigadier General:
Col. David W. Abba
Col. Christopher R. Amrhein
Col. Charles D. Bolton
Col. Larry R. Broadwell, Jr.
Col. Terry L. Bullard
Col. Scott A. Cain
Col. Jimmy R. Canlas
Col. Julian C. Cheater
Col. Roy W. Collins
Col. Colin J. Connor
Col. Donald J. Cothern
Col. David S. Eaglin
Col. Steven G. Edwards
Col. Troy L. Endicott
Col. Gregory J. Gagnon
Col. Richard W. Gibbs
Col. Jennifer L. Grant
Col. Stewart A. Hammons
Col. Robert S. Jobe
Col. John M. Klein, Jr.
Col. Gregory Kreuder
Col. Benjamin R. Maitre
Col. Matteo G. Martemucci
Col. Caroline M. Miller
Col. David A. Mineau
Col. Paul J. Murray
Col. Ty W. Neuman
Col. John P. Newberry
Col. Jefferson J. O’Donnell
Col. Thomas B. Palenske
Col. Evan L. Pettus
Col. Christopher S. Povak
Col. Bradley L. Pyburn
Col. Chad D. Raduege
Col. Michael T. Rawls
Col. Ryan R. Samuelson
Col. David J. Sanford
Col. David G. Shoemaker
Col. Rebecca J. Sonkiss
Col. Claude K. Tudor, Jr.
Col. Daniel H. Tulley
Col. Jeffery D. Valenzia
Col. John C. Walker
Col. Steven P. Whitney
Executive Calendar #1206 – Brig. Gen. Bradley S. James to be Major General
Executive Calendar #1207 – Maj. Gen. Duke Z. Richardson to be Lieutenant General
Executive Calendar #1208 – the following to be Brigadier General:
Col. Kevin D. Admiral
Col. Timothy D. Brown
Col. Joshua M. Rudd
Col. Paul T. Stanton
Cal. #1209 – Maj. Gen. Terry R. Ferrell to be Lieutenant General
Cal. #1210 – Col. Timothy D. Connelly to be Brigadier General
Cal. #1211 – Col. Gerald R. Krimbill to be Brigadier General
Cal. #1212 – Col. Stacy M. Babcock to be Brigadier General
Cal. #1213 – Lt. Gen. Eric J. Wesley to be Lieutenant General
Cal. #1214 – Maj. Gen. Andrew P. Poppas to be Lieutenant General
Executive Calendar #1215 – Rear Adm. Robert D. Sharp to be Vice Admiral
Executive Calendar #1228 - Lt. Gen. Richard D. Clarke to be General
Executive Calendar #1229 - Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr. to be General
Executive Calendar #1230 - The following to be Brigadier General:
Col. Scott C. Bridgers   
Col. Thomas D. Crimmins   
Col. Thomas B. Hatley  
Col. Scott A. Howard   
Col. Patrick M. Kennedy   
Col. Robert G. Kilgore   
Col. William A. Kinnison, Jr.   
Col. Terrence L. Koudelka, Jr.   
Col. Kerry R. Lovely   
Col. Brian T. McHenry   
Col. Barbara C. Morrow   
Col. Duke M. Ota, Jr.   
Col. Louis J. Perino   
Col. Erik A. Peterson   
Col. Troy E. Pou   
Col. Michael L. Reid   
Col. John P. Russo   
Col. Torrence W. Saxe   
Col. David A. Smith   
Col. Thomas M. Suelzer   
Col. Taison K. Tanaka   
Col. Justin R. Walrath
Executive Calendar #1231 – The following to be Major General:
Brig. Gen. John D. Caine   
Brig. Gen. Larry K. Clark   
Brig. Gen. Sean T. Collins   
Brig. Gen. John P. Hronek, II   
Brig. Gen. Wendy K. Johnson   
Brig. Gen. Gregory F. Jones
Brig. Gen. Timothy J. LaBarge   
Brig. Gen. Ronald S. Lambe   
Brig. Gen. Timothy T. Lunderman   
Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Owens, II   
Brig. Gen. Greg A. Semmel   
Brig. Gen. Brian M. Simpler
Executive Calendar #1232 – The following to be Brigadier General:
Col. Steven D. Michaud   
Col. Raymond H. Siegfried, II
93 nominations (PNs 2507, 2626, 2638, 2639, 2670, 2671) in the U.S. Coast Guard. 
PN2705: One hundred and sixty-two nominations (to be Commander in US Coast Guard), beginning with Austin L. Adcock, and ending with David J. Yadrick.
PN2706: Two hundred and fifty-nine nominations (to be Lieutenant Commander in US Coast Guard), beginning with Justin P. Aaronson, and ending with James B. Zorn.