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Agreement on S.J.Res.54, Yemen

By unanimous consent, the Senate adopted the following agreement for consideration of S.J.Res.54:
At 1:45 pm on Thursday, December 13th, all time be considered expired on S.J.Res.54, and the Senate vote in relation to the following amendments in the order listed, with 2 minutes equally divided in the usual form prior to each vote:
Young #4080
Cornyn #4096
Cornyn #4090
Cornyn #4095
Cotton #4097
Cotton #4098
Sanders #4105
Further, that following disposition of the amendments, the resolution, as amended if amended, be read a third time and the Senate vote on passage with no intervening action or debate

As a result, there could be up to 8 roll call votes on the resolution on Thursday beginning at 1:45 PM.