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Wrap Up for Monday, August 20, 2018

Roll Call Votes
1.      Menendez-Murkowski amendment #3705 (Firefighter Cancer Registry Act); agreed to: 85-0.
2.      Fischer-Baldwin amendment #3706 (POW/MIA identification); agreed to: 85-0.
No Legislative Business
Executive Business
Executive Calendar #1033 Maj. Gen. Christopher P. Weggeman – to be Lieutenant General
Executive Calendar #1034 Lt. Gen. John M. Murray – to be General
Executive Calendar #1035 Lt. Gen. Maryanne Miller – to be General
Executive Calendar #1036 Brig. Gen. Steven A. Schaick – to be Major General
Executive Calendar #1037 Col. Ronald M. Harvell – to be Brigadier General

Executive Calendar #1038 Col. Charles L. Knowles – to be Brigadier General