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Wrap Up for Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Roll Call Votes
1.      Moran SA #3433 (grain inspections); agreed to: 98-0.
2.      Udall SA #3414 (Amtrak); agreed to: 95-4.
3.      Manchin SA #3553 (opioids); agreed to: 99-0.
4.      Paul SA #3543 (budget caps); not agreed to: 25-74.
Legislative Business
Passed Calendar #499, S.2779: to amend the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, with Flake amendment.
Passed H.R.4645: East Rosebud Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
Adopted S.Res.592: designating October 9, 2018, as “National Ada Lovelace Day”.
Adopted S.Res.593: honoring the life and legacy of Grace Hopper.
Began the Rule 14 process to place on the Legislative Calendar of Business H.R.184 (Medical Device Tax) and H.R.1201 (Religious Exemption from Individual Mandate).

No Executive Business