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2 votes at 2:15 (nominations), up to 3 votes at 5pm (going to conference on NDAA)

As a reminder, there will be 2 roll call votes at 2:15pm. At 5:00pm, there will be a series of up to 3 roll call votes related to going to conference on NDAA. The vote schedule is below.
2:15pm – 2 roll call votes
1.      Confirmation of Executive Calendar #836, Mark Jeremy Bennett, of Hawaii, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit
2.      Motion to invoke cloture on Executive Calendar #639, Brian Allen Benczkowski, of Virginia, to be an Assistant Attorney General
If cloture is invoked on the Benczkowski, nomination, there would be up to 30 hours of post-cloture debate prior to a vote on confirmation of the nomination. If cloture is not invoked on the Benczkowski nomination, there would be a third vote in the 2:15pm series. That vote would be on cloture on the Ney nomination (General Counsel of DoD).
5:00pm – up to 3 roll call votes
1.      Compound motion to go to conference (that the Senate insist on its amendment, agree to the request of the House for conference, and authorize the Chair to appoint conferees on the part of the Senate)
2.      Cornyn motion to instruct conferees on CIFIUS
3.      Reed motion to instruct conferees on NATO

Upon disposition of the Reed motion to instruct, the Senate will resume Executive Session.