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Roll Call Vote

The Senate has locked in the agreement from the previous message (included below). The following amendments were agreed to:
               Isakson 3348
               Wyden/Murkowski 3346
               Enzi 3181
               King/Collins 3221
               Gillibrand/Toomey 3390
               Heinrich 3287
               Rubio 3364
               Sullivan 3303
               Hirono 3321
               Cortez-Masto/Portman 3388
               Durbin 3389
               Brown 3323
               Cantwell 3365
               Moran 3171
               Thune 3371
The Lee-Booker amendment #3074 was made pending. The cloture motions with respect to the substitute amendment and the underlying bill were withdrawn.
At 4:55pm, the Senate began a 15 minute roll call vote on adoption of the Lee-Booker amendment #3074 [60-vote affirmative threshold]; Not Agreed To: 38-57
1.      Thune 3134 (voice vote expected)
2.      Roberts substitute 3224 (voice vote expected)

3.      Passage of H.R.2, as amended (roll call vote) [60-vote affirmative threshold]