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McConnell files cloture on Toomey, Inhofe amendments and H.R.5515, NDAA

This evening Senator McConnell filed cloture on the following items, in the order listed:
  1. Toomey amendment #2700 (CIFIUS/REINS)
  2. Inhofe substitute amendment #2282, as modified (NDAA reported bill plus managers package I)
  3. H.R.5515, NDAA
If cloture is invoked, amendments must be germane and timely filed. The filing deadline for first degree amendments is 1:00pm tomorrow. The filing deadline for second degree amendments is one hour prior to the cloture vote.
The first cloture motion will ripen one hour after the Senate convenes on Thursday, June 14. The motions will ripen in the order filed. If cloture is invoked on an item, debate would be limited to 30 hours prior to a vote on the item. If cloture is not invoked, there would be an immediate cloture vote on the next item.
The following amendments are pending to the bill, H.R.5515, NDAA:
  1. Inhofe SA #2282, as modified (substitute plus managers package I)
  2. Toomey SA #2700 (CIFIUS/REINS)
  3. Reed SA #2756 to SA #2700 (to ensure congressional authorization of new nuclear weapons)
  4. Lee SA #2366 to the language proposed to be stricken/underlying bill (indefinite detainees)
  5. Reed SA #2842 to Lee SA #2366 (to ensure congressional authorization of new nuclear weapons)