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1:45pm cloture vote on motion to proceed to NDAA

The Marcus nomination was confirmed by a vote of 50-46.
Following the vote the Senate resumed the , Senator Inhofe asked unanimous consent to adopt the motion to proceed to NDAA, offer the substitute, and vote at 2pm on Boozman amendment #2276 (Poland study) and Reed amendment #2284 (naming McCain Strategic Defense Fellows Program).
Senator Paul objected.
Senator Paul then asked unanimous consent that once on the bill the Senate vote on his detainee amendment.
Senator Inhofe objected.

The Senate then agreed to vote at 1:45pm on the motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to H.R.5515, NDAA. If cloture is invoked, we expect the vote on adoption of the motion to proceed would occur at 5:30pm Monday.