February 14, 2018 07:37 PM

Schumer modifies amendment; cloture filed on pending amendments to H.R.2579

This evening Senator Schumer modified his pending amendment #1958. Cloture was then filed on the following amendments pending to H.R.2579, the intended vehicle for immigration legislation:
1.      Durbin for Coons-McCain SA #1955 to SA #1958 (DREAM/border)
2.      McConnell for Toomey SA #1948 to SA #1959 (sanctuary cities)
3.      Schumer SA #1958 to the language proposed to be stricken, as modified (DREAM/border)
4.      Grassley SA #1959 to H.R.2579 (substitute/president’s plan)
The cloture motions will ripen in the order filed. If cloture is not invoked on an amendment, there will be an immediate cloture vote on the next amendment. The filing deadline for 2nd degree amendments to Schumer SA #1958, as modified, and McConnell for Toomey SA #1948 is one hour prior to the cloture votes, if cloture is invoked.
Absent an agreement, the cloture motions will ripen one hour after the Senate convenes on Friday, February 16th. Senators will be notified when the cloture votes are expected to occur. Discussions on a path forward for Thursday are ongoing.