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Motion to go to conference pending; 3 roll call votes at 3PM

Senator McConnell moved that the Senate insist on its amendment to H.R.1 (tax reconciliation); agreed to the request of the House for conference; and authorized the Chair to appoint conferees on the part of the Senate.


That motion is now pending and is subject to one hour of debate prior to a vote on the compound motion. Senator McConnell then asked consent that the vote instead occur at 3:00pm.


Further, if the motion is agreed to, Senator King and Stabenow each be recognized to offer a motion to instruct conferees and that the Senate vote on the motions, with 2 minutes of debate between each vote.


Finally, upon disposition of the Stabenow motion, the Senate will stand in recess until 5:10pm to accommodate an all-Members briefing. Votes on additional motions are expected after the briefing.


3:00pm – 3 roll call votes

1.      Compound motion to go to conference on H.R.1, tax reconciliation

2.      King motion to instruct conferees

3.      Stabenow motion to instruct conferees