October 31, 2017 06:37 PM

Wrap Up for Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Roll Call Votes

1.      Confirmation of Executive Calendar #368, Amy Barrett, of Indiana, to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the Seventh Circuit; confirmed: 55-43.

2.      Motion to invoke cloture on Executive Calendar #369, Joan Larsen, of Michigan, to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the Sixth Circuit; invoked: 60-38.

Legislative Business

The Senate passed the following:

S.Res.245 Iran Prisoners

S.Res.315 Bison Day

S.Res.316 Native American Heritage Month

S.Res.317 Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus

Executive Business

The Senate confirmed the following nominations:


Executive Calendar #443 – Lt. Gen. Stayce D. Harris to be Lieutenant General


Executive Calendar #444 – Maj. Gen. Paul J. LaCamera to be Lieutenant General

Executive Calendar #445 – Col. Twanda E. Young to be Brigadier General

Executive Calendar #446 – Col. Roger D. Murdock to be Brigadier General


Executive Calendar #447 – Maj. Gen. David D. Thompson to be Lieutenant General

Executive Calendar #448 – Col. Ralph L. Schwader to be Brigadier General


Executive Calendar #449 – Col. Donald B. Absher to be Brigadier General

Executive Calendar #450 – The following to be Brigadier General:

Col. Richard E. Angle

Col. Milford H. Beagle, Jr.

Col. Sean C. Bernabe

Col. Maria A. Biank

Col. James P. Bienlien

Col. Brian R. Bisacre

Col. William M. Boruff

Col. Richard R. Coffman

Col. Charles D. Costanza

Col. Joy L. Curriera

Col. Johnny K. Davis

Col. Robert B. Davis

Col. Thomas R. Drew

Col. Michael R. Eastman

Col. Brian S. Eifler

Col. Christopher L. Eubank

Col. Omuso D. George

Col. William J. Hartman

Col. Darien P. Helmlinger

Col. David M. Hodne

Col. Jonathan E. Howerton

Col. Heidi J. Hoyle

Col. Thomas L. James

Col. Christopher C. Laneve

Col. Otto K. Liller

Col. Vincent F. Malone, II

Col. Charles R. Miller

Col. James S. Moore, Jr.

Col. Michael T. Morrissey

Col. Antonio V. Munera

Col. Frederick M. O'Donnell

Col. Paul E. Owen

Col. Walter T. Rugen

Col. Michelle A. Schmidt

Col. Mark T. Simerly

Col. Michael E. Sloane

Col. William D. Taylor

Col. William L. Thigpen

Col. Thomas J. Tickner

Col. Matthew J. Vanwagenen

Col. Darren L. Werner

Executive Calendar #451 – Brig. Gen. Keith Y. Tamashiro to be Major General

Executive Calendar #452 – Maj. Gen. Eric P. Wendt to be Lieutenant General


Executive Calendar #453 – Vice Adm. Christopher W. Grady to be Vice Admiral

Executive Calendar #454 – Rear Adm. Bruce H. Lindsey to be Vice Admiral

And all nominations on the Secretary's Desk in the Air Force, Army, Foreign Service, Marine Corps, and Navy.