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Vote series to begin at 3pm--Budget resolution

At 3:00pm, all time will be yielded back and the senate will vote in relation to the following amendments:


1.      Flake SA #1178 (simpler tax system)

2.      Baldwin SA #1139 (deficits)

3.      Rubio SA #1205 (working families) (??possible voice vote??)

4.      Heitkamp SA #1228 (taxes over $250,000)

5.      Portman SA #1422 (corporate taxes)

6.      Donnelly SA #1234 (outsourcing)

7.      Kaine SA #1249 (CBO score)


No second degree amendments in order to these seven amendments prior to the votes. There will be two minutes equally divided between the managers or their designees prior to each vote. All votes after the first in this series be 10 minutes in length. Additional votes after these are expected.