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Up to 6 roll call votes at 3:00pm--Budget amendments

Up to 6 roll call votes are scheduled to begin at 3:00pm. There will be 2 minutes for debate prior to each vote and 10 minutes prior to the vote in relation to the Heller amendment. No second degree amendments are in order prior to a vote in relation to each amendment listed.


3:00pm—up to 6 roll call votes

1.      Hatch amendment #1144 (Sanders side-by-side-Medicaid)

2.      Sanders amendment #1119 (Medicaid)

3.      Nelson amendment #1150 (Medicare)

(10 minutes)

4.      Heller amendment #1146 (family tax credit)

5.      Sanders amendment #1120  (tax breaks to 1%)

6.      Collins amendment #1151 (small businesses)