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Senate Floor Schedule For Tuesday, December 22, 2009

  • At 7:00am, the Senate will resume consideration of HR3590, Health Care Reform, with the time until 7:18am equally divided and controlled between the two Leaders or their designees.
  • At approximately 7:20am, the Senate will proceed to a series of roll call votes with respect to H.R.3590, Health Care Reform. The votes would be in relation to the following items:
  • Reid Motion to table Reid amendment #3278 - Adoption of Reid-Baucus-Dodd-Harkin amendment #3276 - Motion to Invoke Cloture on Reid Substitute amendment #2786
  • If cloture is invoked, the Majority Leader will be recognized to offer amendments. Senators may need to remain on the floor in order to obtain a sufficient second when Senator Reid offers amendments to the bill.
  • The time until 9:30am will then be equally divided and controlled between the two Leaders or their designees. The time from 9:30am and until 5:30pm will be controlled in 1 hour blocks of time with the Republicans controlling the first hour.
  • The Senate will recess from 12:30 until 2:30pm.
  • All time during any recess period or adjournment will count post-cloture until 5:30pm.
  • The Senate has entered into the following agreement:
  • If cloture is invoked on HR3590 tomorrow, all post-cloture debate time will be considered expired at 8:00am Thursday, December 24 and the Senate will proceed to vote on passage of the bill, as amended.
  • Please note, that this agreement is in addition to the votes with respect to points of order, adoption of the Reid Substitute amendment, and cloture on the underlying bill. Those votes are expected to begin at approximately 3:20pm tomorrow, Wednesday, December 23.
  • Upon disposition of HR3590, the Senate will proceed to the immediate consideration of H.R.4314, an act to permit continued financing of government operations, with no amendments in order. The Senate will then proceed to vote on passage of the bill. Passage of HR4314 will require 60-affirmative votes.
  • Therefore, there will be 2 votes at 8am Thursday, December 24: - Passage of HR3590, as amended - Passage of HR4314, government operations (60 vote threshold)
  • On Wednesday, January 20, 2010, at a time to be determined by the Majority Leader, following consultation with the Republican Leader, the Finance Committee will be discharged of H.J.Res. 45, Increasing the statutory limit on the public debt, and the Senate will proceed to the measure. Senator Reid or his designee will be recognized to offer a substitute amendment. The following are the only amendments in order to the joint resolution:
  • Thune-TARP - Murkowski-Endangerment EPA regs - Coburn-Rescission package - Sessions-spending caps - McConnell-relevent to any on list - Reid-relevant to any on list - Reid-paygo - Baucus-3 relevant to any on list - Conrad-Gregg-fiscal task force
  • Each of the listed amendments will be subject to an affirmative 60-vote threshold. Upon disposition of all amendments, the substitute amendment, as amended, if amended, will be agreed to; the joint resolution, as amended, will be read a third time and the Senate then proceed to vote on passage, with passage subject to a 60-vote threshold.
  • Further, on Wednesday, January 21, 2010, after a period of morning business, the Senate will proceed to Executive Session to consider the nomination of Beverly Martin to be a U.S. Circuit Judge for the 11th Circuit. There will be 60 minutes of debate with respect to the nomination with the time equally divided and controlled between Senators Leahy and Sessions or their designees. Upon the use or yielding back of time, the Senate will proceed to vote on confirmation of the nomination.