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Senate Floor Wrap Up For Monday, December 21, 2009

  • The Senate passed the following bills:
  • CAL. # 235, H.R.2877: "1st Lieutenant Louis Allen Post Office" Chester, New York
  • CAL. # 236, H.R.3072: "Coach Jodie Baliey Post Office Building" in St. Louis, Missouri
  • CAL. # 237, H.R.3319: "Army Specialist Jeremiah Paul McCleery Post Office" Portola, CA
  • CAL. # 238, H.R.3539: "Patricia D. McGinty-Juhl Post Office" Harrison, New Jersey
  • CAL. # 239, H.R.3667: "Clyde L. Hillhouse Post Office Building" White Springs, Florida
  • CAL. # 240, H.R.3767: "W. Hazen Hillyard Post Office Building" Smithfield, Utah
  • CAL. # 241, H.R.3788: "Corporal Joseph A. Tomci Post Office Building" stow, Ohio
  • CAL. # 242, H.R.1817: "John S. Wilder Post Office Building" Somerville, Tennessee
  • Adopted S.Res.382, resolution supporting the goals and ideals of observing the National Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Month from January 1 through February 1, 2010, to raise awareness of, and opposition to, modern slavery.
  • Adopted S. Res.383, National Mentoring Month.