December 19, 2013 03:30 PM

Cornyn request to withdraw Reid motion to concur with an amendment in order to call up call up Fort Hood amendment

Senator Cornyn asked unanimous consent to set aside the pending motion to concur with Reid #2552 amendment in order to make a motion to concur with Cornyn amendment #2606 (to provide for the award of medals for members of the Armed Forces and civilian employees of the Department of Defense who were killed or wounded in an attack perpetrated by a homegrown violent extremist who was inspired or motivated by a foreign terrorist organization.

Senator Levin objected.

Cornyn parliamentary inquiry #1: is it correct that no senator is permitted to offer an amendment to the House passed Defense bill while the Majority Leader's motion to concur with a further amendment is pending?

Chair: The senator is correct

Cornyn parliamentary inquiry #2:  If a motion to table the Reid motion to concur with a further amendment is successful, would there be an opportunity to offer my amendment #2602?

Chair: The senator is correct.

Senator Cornyn then moved to table the pending Reid motion to concur with a further amendment.