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Cloture filed re: Emergency Supplemental

This evening Senator Leahy withdrew the Leahy substitute amendment #3338 (Emergency Supplemental Appropriations), and, as a result, the pending first degree amendments fell along with it. Then Senate Reid offered a new substitute amendment #3395 (Emergency Supplemental Appropriations), filled the amendment tree with date change amendments, and filed cloture on the substitute amendment #3395 and underlying bill, H.R. 1. The text of the new substitute can be found at

We hope to reach an agreement to consider amendments and complete action on the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill tomorrow. If no agreement can be reached, the cloture vote on the substitute would occur on Friday, December 21.

Before we leave we need to consider the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations, FISA reauthorization, and 3 district court nominations.