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Senate Floor Wrap Up For Wednesday, December 19, 2007

  • H.R.2640, NICS Improvement Act Amendments (with Leahy-Schumer substitute amendment)
  • H.R.3890, Burmese Freedom (with Biden-McConnell substitute amendment)
  • S.924, Deepwater Program (with Cantwell amendment)
  • H.R.4253, Small Business Military Reservist and Veterans Reauthorization (after amending with text of S.1784, as amended)
  • S.Con.Res.61, conur in House amendment to the concurrent resolution
  • H.J.Res.72, Continuing Appropriations (until December 31, 2007)
  • H.R.3997, Military Reservist (concur in House amendment to Senate amendments with an amendment)
  • H.R.2011, George Howard Federal Building in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  • H.R.1045, Neal Smith Federal Building
  • S.2478, H.R.3470, H.R.3569, H.R.3974, H.R.4009, Post Office Designations
  • H.R.3571, Congressional Accountability Employees
  • H.R.3432, Commission on Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (with Lautenberg amendment)
  • S.1974, Pension Reform Technical (with Kennedy, et al amendment)
  • S.Res.389, a resolution relating to the 25th Anniversary of the U.S. Air Space Command