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Series of roll call votes to begin shortly

Senator Reid intends to file cloture on a series of nominations today. In order to do so, the Senate will need to go in and out of Legislative and Executive session to get to each nomination and to file cloture. The first vote is expected to be on the motion to proceed to Executive Session. We are told the Republicans will ask for the yeas and nays (a roll call vote) on each of these motions.

The first nominations Senator Reid intends to file cloture on are the following:

  • Sarah Saldana (cal.#1084), Asst Sec HUD (ICE);
  • Carolyn Colvin (cal.#552), Commissioner, Social Security;
  • Vivek Murthy (cal.#681), Surgeon General;
  • Antony Blinken (cal.#1150), Dep Sec State;
  • Frank Rose (cal.#635), Asst Sec State - Verification;