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Budget point of order not wiaved--cloture vitiated--next vote 2:15pm on judge

The motion to waive the budget points of order was not agreed to 50-42. Cloture on the TAG extension bill was vitiated. The point of order was sustained and the bill was sent back to committee.

At 2:15pm the Senate will proceed to votes on confirmation of the following nominations:

-          Executive Calendar #830 Lorna G. Schofield, of New York, to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York; and

-          Executive Calendar #832 Frank Paul Geraci, Jr., of New York, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of New York.

We expect a roll call vote on confirmation of the Schofield nomination and a voice vote on the Geraci nomination.

The Senate is now in a period of morning business until 1:45pm with senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each. At 1pm Senator Snowe will be recognized to speak for up to 45 minutes to deliver her farewell remarks. At 1:45pm the Senate will turn to Executive Session to consider the nominations listed above with the time equally divided in the usual form.