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HS.3425, National Defense Authorization Agreement

The Senate has reached an agreement that when the Senate receives the papers with respect to H.R.4310, the Senate's passage of H.R.4310, as amended, be vitiated; that adoption of the Senate amendment be vitiated; that the amendment, the text of S.3245, as amended by the Senate, be modified with the changes that are at the desk; that no other amendments be in order and the Senate proceed to vote (voice vote expected) in relation to the amendment, as modified; that if the substitute amendment, as modified, is agreed to, H.R.4310, as amended, be read a third time and passed; finally, that the previous request with respect to the Senate's request for conference, including the appointment of conferees, be agreed to; with all of the above occurring with no intervening action or debate.

When we receive the papers from the House we will execute the above order and send the Defense bill to conference.