December 10, 2015 06:33 PM

Wrap Up for Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Roll Call Votes

Legislative Business

Passed H.R.2250, as amended with the text of H.J.Res.75, Continuing Resolution through December 16.

Passed Calendar #35, S.142 - Child Nicotine Poisoning

Passed Calendar #62, S.993 - Comprehensive Justice and Mental Health w/ Franken amdt.

Passed Calendar #242, S.209 - Indian Tribal Energy

Passed S.2308 - Church Plan Clarification

Passed S.2393 - SCRA Foreclosure extension

Passed H.R.2693 - to designate the arboretum at the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, as the "Phyllis E. Galanti Arboretum"

Adopted S.Res.333 - Legal Counsel


Executive Business

Confirmed the following nominations by voice vote:

PN 714 - Richard Capel Howorth, of Mississippi, to be a Member of the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority for a term expiring May 18, 2020.

Executive Calendar #385, Cherry Ann Murray, Director of Office of Science, Department of Energy.

Executive Calendar #392, Eric Eberhard Member of Board of Trustees Udall Foundation.

Executive Calendar #426, Darryl DePriest Chief Counsel for Advocacy, Small Business Administration.

Confirmed the following nominations by unanimous consent:


Executive Calendar #397 - Lt. Gen. John E. Wissler to be Lieutenant General


Executive Calendar #398 - Rear Adm. Clinton F. Faison, III to be Vice Admiral


Executive Calendar #399 - Maj. Gen. Nadja Y. West to be Lieutenant General

Executive Calendar #400 - Col. Edward E. Hildreth, III to be Brigadier General

Executive Calendar #401 - The following to be Brigadier General:

Colonel Jennifer G. Buckner

Colonel Sean A. Gainey

Colonel David T. Isaacson

Colonel Patrick B. Roberson


Executive Calendar #402 - The Following to be Brigadier General:

Executive Calendar Blake A. Gettys

Executive Calendar Karen E. Mansfield

Executive Calendar #403 - The following to be Brigadier General:

Executive Calendar Todd M. Branden

Executive Calendar Mark A. Crosby

Executive Calendar Fermin A. Rubio

Executive Calendar #404 - The following to be Brigadier General

Col. David M. Bakos

Col. Vance C. Bateman

Col. Sandra L. Best

Col. Jeffrey C. Bozard

Col. William D. Bunch

Col. Rafael Carrero

Col. Larry K. Clark

Col. Kevin D. Clotfelter

Col. Marshall C. Collins

Col. James N. Cox

Col. Jason R. Cripps

Col. Christopher S. Croxton

Col. Francis N. Detorie

Col. Ruben Fernandez-Vera

Col. John T. Ferry

Col. John E. Flowers

Col. Michael J. Francis

Col. Vincent R. Franklin

Col. Clay L. Garrison

Col. Kevin J. Heer

Col. Dana A. Hessheimer

Col. Gene W. Hughes, Jr.

Col. James T. Johnson

Col. Gregory F. Jones

Col. Marshall L. Kjelvik

Col. James R. Kriesel

Col. Ronald S. Lambe

Col. Andrew J. MacDonald

Col. Stephen J. Maher

Col. Matthew J. Manifold

Col. Maren McAvoy

Col. Gregory S. McCreary

Col. Stephen B. Mehring

Col. Jessica Meyeraan

Col. Billy M. Nabors

Col. Jeffrey L. Newton

Col. Peter Nezamis

Col. Patrick R. Renwick

Col. Stephen M. Ryan

Col. Peter R. Schneider

Col. Gregory N. Schnulo

Col. Greg A. Semmel

Col. Ray M. Shepard

Col. Marc A. Sicard

Col. Paul R. Silvestri

Col. Christopher A. Stratmann

Col. Peter F. Sullivan, Jr.

Col. Tami S. Thompson

Col. Joseph B. Wilson

Col. Gregory S. Woodrow

Executive Calendar #405 - Brig. Gen. Edward P. Maxwell to be Major General

Executive Calendar #406 - The following to be Major General:

Brig. Gen. Robert C. Bolton

Brig. Gen. Charles W. Chappuis, Jr.

Brig. Gen. Dawne L. Deskins

Brig. Gen. Timothy L. Frye

Brig. Gen. Paul D. Jacobs

Brig. Gen. Mark E. Jannitto

Brig. Gen. Ronald W. Solberg

Brig. Gen. James K. Vogel

Brig. Gen. William L. Welsh

Brig. Gen. Wayne A. Zimmet

Executive Calendar #407 - Maj. Gen. John D. Bansemer to be Lieutenant General

Executive Calendar #408 - Col. Russell A. Muncy to be Brigadier General

Executive Calendar #409 - Col. Patricia N. Beyer to be Brigadier General

Executive Calendar #410 - Col. Christopher W. Lentz to be Brigadier General

Executive Calendar #411 - The following to be Brigadier General:

Col. Lee Ann T. Bennett

Col. Richard M. Casto

Col. Jonathan M. Ellis

Col. James J. Fontanella

Col. John P. Healy

Col. Daniel J. Heires

Col. Robert A. Huston

Col. William R. Kountz, Jr.

Col. Albert V. Lupenski

Col. Tyler D. Otten

Col. Russell P. Reimer

Col. Harold E. Rogers, Jr.

Col. Tracey A. Siems


Executive Calendar #412 - Brig. Gen. John C. Thomson, III to be Major General

Executive Calendar #413 - Brig. Gen. Sylvia R. Crockett to be Major General


Executive Calendar #414 - The following to be Brigadier General:

Col. Kenneth T. Bibb, Jr.

Col. Angela M. Cadwell

Col. Martin A. Chapin

Col. James R. Cluff

Col. Charles S. Corcoran

Col. Sean M. Farrell

Col. Chad P. Franks

Col. Alexus G. Grynkewich

Col. Timothy D. Haugh

Col. Christopher D. Hill

Col. Eric T. Hill

Col. Samuel C. Hinote

Col. William G. Holt, II

Col. Linda S. Hurry

Col. Matthew C. Isler

Col. Kyle J. Kremer

Col. John C. Kubinec

Col. Douglas K. Lamberth

Col. Lance K. Landrum

Col. Jeannie M. Leavitt

Col. William J. Liquori, Jr.

Col. Michael J. Lutton

Col. Corey J. Martin

Col. Tom D. Miller

Col. Richard G. Moore, Jr.

Col. James D. Peccia, III

Col. Heather L. Pringle

Col. Michael J. Schmidt

Col. James R. Sears, Jr.

Col. Daniel L. Simpson

Col. Mark H. Slocum

Col. Robert S. Spalding, III

Col. William A. Spangenthal

Col. Edward W. Thomas, Jr.

Col. John T. Wilcox, II

Col. Michael P. Winkler

And all nominations on the Secretary's Desk.