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Senate Floor Wrap Up For Tuesday, December 07, 2004

  • H.R.4324, Thrift Savings
  • S.Con.Res.78, Iranian Bahai Community (with Lieberman technical amendments)
  • H.J.Res.102, Pelolui Battlefield
  • S.Res.483, Tibetan Political prisoners resolution
  • H.R.5360, History and Civics Academic grants
  • S.2781, Sudan Peace (concur with House amendment)
  • H.R.3204, Ben Franklin Commemorative Coin
  • S.Res.484, a resolution to commend assistant Chief Robert Howe on his retirement
  • H.R.5365, YMCA retirement plans
  • S.1521, Land Conveyance in Nevada (concur in House amendment with Senate amendment - Senate amendment contains titles on Wind Cave, Blunt Reservoir, Steel Industry Historic Site, St. Croix Heritage Area, Arabia Mountain Heritage Area, Upper Housatonic Heritage Area, Pactola Reservoir, Gullah-Guchee Heritage, Western Heritage Area, Tribal Parity, Northern Rio Grande, Atchapalaya Heritage, Champlain Valley, Great Basin Heritage Route, Bleeding Kansas Heritage, National Mormon Heritage, French Colonial Heritage, Southern Campaign Heritage)
  • H.R.4620, Marketing Assistance
  • S.1301, Video Voyeurism (concur in House amendment)
  • H.R.3384, H.R.3147, H.R.2523, all Federal Building/Courthouse Designations
  • H.R.5364, H.R.4968, H.R.4847, H.R.4829, H.R.4807, H.R.4232, H.R.480, H.R.5370, all Post Office Designations
  • H.R.3242, Specialty Crops
  • H.R.2119, Land Conveyance
  • H.R.620, California Local Agencies (with substitute amendment containing Yosemite, Rancho Correl, Ojito, Wind Cave, Blunt Reservoir, Hollowon, CNMI, Border Water, Castillo, California Wilderness, Lower Brule, Redwood, Valles Caldera, Nevada Land Exchange, Washington County, Yaoapai Land Exchange, Pactola Reservoir)