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6pm votes in relation to DoD Authorization amendments

By unanimous consent at 6pm, all post-cloture debate time on S.1867 will expire. At 6pm, the Senate will proceed to vote on the following amendments:

#1126 Feinstein (limitation military authority to detain citizens); and

#1456 Feinstein (modification of Feinstein amendment #1126).

The amendments listed below are still pending and are germane. We anticipate voting in relation to these amendments following the Feinstein votes, not necessarily in the order listed.

#1414 Menendez-Kirk (Central Bank of Iran sanctions)

#1209 Nelson (FL) (Survivor Benefit plan);

#1080 Leahy (applicability requirements - military custody - detainees);

#1274 Sessions (clarification - disposition of detainees by the military);

#1087, (expect a modification) Leahy (FOIA); and

#1202, (expect a modification) Udall (NM) (Buy America - solar devices).