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Wrap Up for Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No Roll Call Votes

Legislative Business

Passed Calendar #578, S.2971 - National Urban Search and Rescue Response System Act of 2016, with committee-reported amendment.

Passed Calendar #648, S.3183 - Better Online Ticket Sales Act, with committee-reported amendment.

Concurred in the House amendment to S.1550 - Program Management Improvement Accountability Act.

Passed H.R.5995 - GAO Civilian Task and Delivery Order Protest Authority Act of 2016.

Passed H.R.55009 - Dr. Otis Bowen Veteran House.

Adopted S.Res.605 - honoring Arnold Palmer.

Adopted S.Res.610 - Manufacturing Day

Adopted S.Res.626 - 75th anniversary of MD Anderson Cancer Center

Passed S.3386 - Silver Star Service Banner Day


No Executive Business