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2 Roll Call Votes at 9:30pm tonight

The Senate has reached an agreement that results in 2 roll call votes tonight at 9:30pm. Those votes will be in relation the following amendments:

-          Ayotte #3254 (Guantanamo)

-          Feinstein #3018 (detainees)

The Lieberman amendment #3090, as modified (Fire/Safer Grants) was agreed to.

Senator Levin attempted to lock in a 7:30pm filing deadline for first degree amendments tonight. Senator Kyl said they need to check with 2 people on their side before they can grant consent.

Additional votes could occur after the 9:30pm votes.

Details of the agreement can be found below.

Amendments - evening 11/29

Leader:    I ask unanimous consent that it be in order for the Lieberman amendment #3090 to be called up with the modification that is at the desk; and that the amendment, as modified be agreed to; that following disposition of the Lieberman amendment, it be in order for the following amendments to be called up:

- Ayotte #3245 (Guantanamo); and

- Feinstein #3018 (Detainees).

That there be up to 20 minutes of debate equally divided in the usual form on the Ayotte amendment; that upon the use or yielding back of time on the Ayotte amendment, there be up to 60 minutes of debate equally divided in the usual form on the Feinstein amendment; further that at 9:30pm this evening, the Senate proceed to votes in relation to the Ayotte and Feinstein amendments in the order listed; and that no amendments be in order to the amendments prior to the votes.

Chair:      Is there an objection to the request?  Without objection.