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Iran Sanctions amendments/Leahy amendment (National Guard)

By unanimous consent, the McConnell for Kirk amendment #1084 (Iran Sanctions) and the Menendez amendment #1292 (Iran Sanctions) were withdrawn and the Menendez-Kirk amendment #1414 (Iran Sanctions) was called up. Further, notwithstanding cloture being invoked, if invoked, at a time to be determined by the Majority Leader, after consultation with the Republican Leader, and prior to passage of the Defense Authorization bill, there will be up to 1 hour of debate equally divided in the usual form on the Menendez-Kirk amendment, prior to a vote in relation to the amendment. No amendments, motions or points of order are in order to the amendment prior to the vote other than budget points of order and the applicable motions to waive.

The Leahy amendment #1072 (National Guard) was passed by voice vote.