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Roll Call Vote on Franken amendment #2612

The Flake and Coons amendments were modified.

The Flake amendment was agreed to by voice vote.

12:31pm The Senate began a 10 minute roll call vote on Franken amendment #2612, as further modified.

Following this vote, we expect to recess until 2:15pm. The next votes are scheduled to begin at 4:00pm.

4:00pm-- up to 5 roll call votes

  1. Coons amendment #2552;
  2. Cotton amendment #2581, as modified;
  3. Burr-Feinstein amendment #2716, as amended, if amended;
  4. Motion to invoke cloture on S.754, as amended; and
  5. Passage of S.754, as amended, Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.