October 27, 2015 04:44 PM

Now voting on Cotton, cloture motion withdrawn, mgrs amdt agreed to, Flake amdt modified

The Senate then reached an agreement to withdraw the cloture motion on the bill; that prior to adoption of the Burr-Feinstein substitute amendment, the managers amendment, which is at the desk, be agreed to; and that notwithstanding adoption, the Flake amendment #2582 be modified with the technical change at the desk (to correct the section number). We expect to agree to the substitute amendment with a voice vote. Then we will proceed to vote on passage of the bill.

4:43pm The Senate began a 15 minute roll call vote on Coons amendment #2552;

Not Agreed To: 22-73

We expect to agree to the substitute by voice vote.


  1. Coons amendment #2552;
  2. Cotton amendment #2581, as modified;
  3. Burr-Feinstein amendment #2716, as amended, if amended;
  4. Passage of S.754, as amended, Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.