October 20, 2015 04:34 PM


The Senate is now considering S.754, Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015. Senator Burr offered the Burr-Feinstein amendment #2716 (substitute) and the Cotton amendment #2581, as provided for under the previous order. We expect additional amendments to be offered this afternoon, also as provided under the previous order.

The substitute amendment includes the text of the following amendments and a handful of amendments that have been worked out by both managers:

-              Carper #2615 (DHS portal)

-              Carper #2627 (Einstein);

-              Coats #2604 (threats to mobile devices report);

-              Flake #2580 (private entity);

-              Gardner #2631 (Sec of State International cyberspace policy);

-              Kirk #2603 (International cyber criminal reports);

-              Tester #2632 (transparency) and

-              Wyden #2622 (Government notification of mishandled information).

The following amendments are pending to S.754, Cybersecurity

-             Burr-Feinstein amendment #2716 (substitute)

-             Cotton #2581 (FBI/Secret Service), as modified to correct instruction line