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9:55pm series of Roll Call Votes

The Senate will conduct up to 27 votes, with 17 expected roll call votes, in relation to the following shortly:

- cloture on the motion to proceed to S.1723

- cloture on the motion to proceed to S.1726

- Landrieu #781, as modified, with the changes which are at the desk (expected voice vote);

- Kohl #755 (expected voice vote);

-Vitter #917 to Menendez #857 (60-vote threshold);

- Menendez #857 (60-vote threshold);

- Gillibrand #869;

- Lautenberg #836;

- Bingaman #771, as modified (expected voice vote);

- Sessions #810 (60-vote threshold);

- Coburn #791;

- Coburn #792 (60-vote threshold);

- Coburn #796 (60-vote threshold);

- Coburn #800;

- Paul #821 (60-vote threshold);

- Portman #859 (expected voice vote);

- McCain #892 (expected voice vote);

- Cantwell #893, as modified with the changes that are at the desk (expected voice vote);

- Cochran #805 (expected voice vote);

- Burr #890 (expected voice vote);

- DeMint #763;

- Inouye #918 (expected voice vote);

- Ayotte #753 (60-vote threshold);

- Crapo #814 (60-vote threshold);

- Kyl #919(expected voice vote); and

- Lee Motion to Recommit.

- Cloture on the substitute amendment #738

That there will be no amendments or points of order against any of the amendments in order prior to the votes other than budget points of order.

There will be two minutes equally divided in the usual form prior to each vote; all votes after the first vote will be 10 minute in duration.

If cloture is invoked, the substitute amendment will be agreed to and the Senate will resume consideration of the bill at 4:00pm, Monday, October 31st and proceed to votes in relation to any remaining germane pending amendments in the order they were offered; further, upon disposition of any pending germane amendments, the bill, as amended, will be read a third time, and the Senate will proceed to vote on passage of the bill with no intervening action or debate; when the Senate receives a message from the House with respect to H.R.2112, the Senate will insist on its amendment, request, or agree to, a conference with the House on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses; and the Chair will be authorized to appoint the following conferees - Kohl, Harkin, Feinstein, Johnson (SD), Nelson (NE), Pryor, Brown (OH), Inouye, Murray, Mikulski, Blunt, Cochran, McConnell, Collins, Moran, Hoeven, Hutchison and Shelby.

If cloture is not invoked on the substitute amendment #738, as amended, cloture on the underlying bill be vitiated; and the bill be returned to the calendar in status quo.