October 19, 2011 03:38 PM

Agreement on next amendments in order to HR 2112, Ag/CJS/THUD appropriation bill

The Senate has reached an agreement that the next first degree amendments in order to be called up and made pending to H.R.2112 and the substitute amendment #738 be the following:

- Ayotte #753 (prohibit funds for coastal and marine spatial planning);

- Crapo #814 (implementation of provisions of title VII of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform);

- Moran #815 (Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act);

- Coburn #793 (Transparency in federally attended and funded conferences);

- Coburn #798, as modified, with the changes that are at the desk (prohibit funds for purchase of new passenger motor vehicles);

- DeMint #763 (prohibit funds to implement regulations regarding removal of essential-use designation for epinephrine);

- DeMint #764 (Eliminate increase in funding);

- Grassley #860 (accountability in federal grant programs administered by DOJ);

- Sessions #810 (prohibit funds to allow categorical eligibility for supplemental nutrition assistance program);

- Lautenberg #836 (additional funding for Economic Development Assistance Programs);

- Brown #874 (increase funds to carry out section 561 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1987, with offset);

- Merkley #879 (limit appropriations for freight and rail transportation unless products used are manufactured in US);

- Bingaman #771 (funds to investigate trade violations);

- Gillibrand #869 (increase funding for emergency conservation/emergency watershed protection programs);

- Feinstein #855 (Farm Service Agency must enforce certain average adjusted gross income limitations); and

- Menendez #857 (extend loan limits for FHA, VA and others).

Further, that a motion to recommit from Senator Lee be in order; that, if offered, the motion be set aside and the Senate return to the consideration of the pending amendments.