September 26, 2013 05:31 PM

Up to 4 roll call votes at 12:30pm tomorrow

The Senate has reached an agreement that results in a series of up to 4 roll call votes at 12:30pm tomorrow, Friday, September 27. Those votes are in relation to the following items:

-       Cloture on H.J.Res. 59, the continuing resolution

-       Motion to waive budget point of order

-       Reid amendment #1974, perfecting substitute

-       Passage of H.J.Res.59, as amended

All votes after the first vote will be 10 minutes in duration.

-       H.J.Res.59, Continuing Appropriations


Reid:   I ask unanimous consent that following Leader remarks on Friday, September 27th, the time until 12:10pm be equally divided between proponents and opponents of the motion to invoke cloture on H.J.Res.59; that the time from 12:10pm until 12:30pm be reserved from the two Leaders, with the final 10 minutes under control of the Majority Leader;

that at 12:30pm, the Senate proceed to vote on the motion to invoke cloture on H.J.Res.59; that if cloture is invoked, all post-cloture time be yielded back; the pending Reid amendment #1975 be withdrawn; that no other amendments be in order;

that the Majority Leader be recognized to make a motion to waive applicable budget points of order; that if a motion to waive is agreed to, the Senate proceed to vote in relation to the Reid amendment #1974; that upon disposition of the Reid amendment, the joint resolution be read a third time and the Senate proceed to vote on passage of the joint resolution, as amended, if amended,

finally, that all after the first vote in this sequence of votes be ten minute votes and there be two minutes equally divided between the votes.