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Senate Floor Wrap Up For Thursday, September 22, 2005

  • S.1758, a bill to provide for the sale and assignment of loans and other security under the Indian Financing Act
  • S.Res.247, a resolution to commend the Library of Congress' advisory board, the James Madison Council
  • S.Res.239, a resolution relating to Infant Mortality Awareness Month
  • S.Res.248, a resolution to commemorate the West Oahu Little League Team for winning the 2005 Little League World Series
  • S.Res.249, a resolution to commemorate the Oahu All Stars for winning the 2005 Cal Ripken World Series and the Hawaii Warriers for winning the 2005 Continental Amateur Baseball Association World Series
  • S.Res.250, a resolution supporting the goals of "Gold Star Mother's Day, September 25, 2005"
  • S.1752, Grain Standards Reauthorization
  • S.1764, Education Funds - Katrina