September 17, 2009 05:30 AM

Senate Floor Schedule For Thursday, September 17, 2009

  • Morning Business for 1 hour. Majority will control the first 30 minutes and the Republicans will control the second 30 minutes.
  • Following Morning Business, proceed to H.R.2996, Interior Appropriations.
  • The following amendments are pending to H.R.2996: Johanns #2394 (ACORN)
  • 12:30pm Executive Session to consider Gerard E. Lynch to be U.S. Circuit Jedge for the Second Circuit with 2 hours for debate.
  • 2:30pm resume H.R.3288, Transportation HUD Appropriations and proceed to vote in relation to the following items:
  • Landrieu amendment #2365 (Community Development Fund); Vitter amendment #2359, as modified (New Orleans public housing); DeMint amendment #2410 (Murtha Airport in PA); McCain amendment #2403, as modified (Brownfields); Kyl Motion to Recommit with instructions; Passage of H.R.3288, as amended, THUD Appropriations; Confirmation of Gerald E. Lynch to be U.s. Circuit Court for the SEcond Circuit; and Johanns amendment #2394 (ACORN).
  • There will be no further roll call votes today. The next vote is expected around 11:00am on Tuesday.
  • The Senate is considering H.R.2996, Interior Appropriations.