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Schedule for Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Senate stands adjourned under the provisions of S.Res.254 until 10:00am on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

Following leader remarks, the Senate will resume consideration of H.R.2810, National Defense Authorization Act.

As a reminder, during Wednesday's session Senator McConnell filed cloture on McCain substitute amendment #1003, as modified, and on the underlying bill, H.R.2810, NDAA. Unless an agreement is reached, the cloture vote on the McCain substitute amendment #1003, as modified, would ripen one hour after convening on Friday, September 15th. There would then be up to 30 hours of post-cloture debate time on the amendment prior to a vote on adoption. The cloture vote on the underlying bill would occur upon disposition of the substitute amendment.

Discussions continue on a path forward on both items. Roll call votes are possible during Thursday's session.

As a result of filing cloture, the filing deadline for 1st degree amendments to both the substitute amendment and H.R.2810 is 1:00pm, Thursday, September 14th.

The filing deadline for 2nd degree amendments is 1 hour prior to the cloture vote, if cloture is invoked.

Amendments Pending to H.R.2810, NDAA

McCain SA #1003, as modified (substitute)

McCain SA #545 (storm water systems)