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Motion to proceed to Syria resolution pending and postpone Energy Efficiency bill to TBD

After the Senate convened today, Senator Reid renewed the motion to proceed to S.J.Res.21, to authorize limited use of the Armed Forces against Syria.

There was a previous order that the Senate proceed to the consideration of S.1392, the Energy Efficiency bill sponsored by Senators Shaheen and Portman, at 11am today. By consent, the order was modified that the motion to proceed be agreed to at a time to be determined by the Majority Leader with the concurrence of the Republican Leader.

Under the previous order, the Senate will be in a period of morning business until 11:00am, with the time equally divided between the two Leaders or their designees.

The Senate will continue to debate the motion to proceed to the Syria resolution today. The Senate will recess from 12:00 noon until 2:15pm to allow for the weekly caucus meetings.