August 1, 2017 12:33 PM

Agreement on Wray and Newsom nominations--2 votes at 6:15pm if all time is used

The Senate has reached an agreement that, if all time is used, results in 2 roll call votes at 6:15pm tonight. At 2:15pm there will be up to 4 hours for debate equally divided prior to a vote on confirmation of Calendar #178, the nomination of Christopher Wray to be Director of the FBI.  Following disposition of the Wray nomination, all post cloture time on the Newsom nomination will be considered expired and the Senate will vote on confirmation of the nomination.

The papers with respect to H.J.Res.76 will be returned to the House of Representatives at their request. We expect a cloture vote tomorrow morning on the nomination of Marvin Kaplan to be a member of the NLRB.

6:15pm (if all time is used)-2 roll call votes

  1. Confirmation of Calendar #178 Christopher Wray, to be Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  2. Confirmation of Calendar #172, Kevin Christopher Newsom, to be US Circuit Judge for the 11th Circuit