August 1, 2011 07:27 PM

next roll call vote noon on Tuesday, August 2nd

The Senate has reached a unanimous consent agreement to conduct a roll call vote at 12:00pm on Tuesday, August 2nd on the Reid motion to concur in the House message to accompany S.365, the legislative vehicle for the debt limit increase with a 60-vote threshold.

The details of the agreement are below.

When the Chair lays before the body the House message to accompany S.365 on Tuesday August 2nd, the Majority Leader will be recognized to move to concur in the House amendments with the time until noon for debate on the motion to concur, equally divided, between the two Leaders, or their designees.  At noon, the Senate will proceed to vote on the Reid motion to concur; the motion to concur will be subject to a 60 vote threshold; no amendments, points of order or other motions will be in order to the message prior to the vote.

For the information of all Senators, it is the Majority Leader's intention to have the Chair lay before the Senate the House Message to accompany S.365 at 9:30am, Tuesday, August 2nd.