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Lieberman-Collins amendment and Franken amendment offered to and cloture filed on the Cybersecurity bill

Senator Reid offered Lieberman-Collins amendment # 2731 and Franken amendment #2732 to S.3414, Cybersecurity Act of 2012. He then filled the remaining amendments on the so called amendment tree. Finally, he filed cloture on the bill.

Senator Reid then moved to proceed to S.3429, Veterans Jobs Corps Act of 2012

As a result of cloture being filed, the filing deadline for first degree amendments to S.3414 is 1:00pm on Wednesday, August 1. If your senator has a germane first degree amendment and would like to preserve their ability to offer, please send a signed copy of the amendment to the cloakroom prior to the deadline so that we may file it at the desk for you. If you have already filed, there is no need to refile.